About the Collaboration

An inspiring celebration bringing members of different communities and backgrounds together to learn more about the tradition of afternoon tea and stories behind the lunar new year, TEALEAVES curates unique tea experiences to celebrate old traditions, and create new ones.  From the blending of artisanal teas, to the plating of a Michelin-starred plate, to an ancient philosophy that has inspired both traditional and modern, we work to harmonize the different elements of our craft.  We hope to encourage loved ones to reunite this year, celebrating old traditions and creating new ones to celebrate the Year of the Boar!


Est. 1994, five-star hotel and Michelin chef’s best kept secret; now for those in-the-know. TEALEAVES is one of the very few tea blenders in the world, known for crafting the highest quality teas in small batches by hand. We strive for perfection. What drives us? Our never-ending quest to make the perfect cup of tea.  With the philosophy of inspiring creativity and connections through the art of blending, TEALEAVES has gripped the hearts and minds five-star hotels and Michelin Star chefs, worldwide, as their tea brand of choice for over two decades. We keep only 1% of the tea leaves presented to us from the world’s highest grade gardens to ensure that we stay your cup of tea from generation to generation, whether in a five-star environment or in the comfort of your own home.